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I am a heart centered life coach, astrologer, writer and speaker and I am creating a movement. A movement of people awakened to the idea that life has more to offer us than waking up everyday and wondering if this is all there is.

 I believe that the idea of fulfillment in our lives grows as we grow and that by reconnecting to who we really are, we have the power to take back and completely transform our life.

 But what does fulfillment look like? What gives our lives purpose and meaning?

 When it all comes down to it, all we really want is to feel good in our mind, in our body and to feel like our lives have meaning.

 Astrology can serve as just the tool to get you there. (Crazy, I know!)




I have always believed I was here for something more, something beyond the everyday life we are encouraged to pursue as we hit our twenties… go to college, graduate college, work a 9-5, get married and have a family. As each year passed and I slowly started to tick off items on the social “to-do” list, I found myself reluctantly greeting each milestone with less zest than my friends and peers. Why wasn’t this enough for me?

 As I neared 27, I took a look around at the life I had created and wondered how I got there. There I was holding a master’s degree in something I couldn’t imagine using until I retired, in a relationship that felt like something was missing and feeling smothered by the responsibilities I got myself into while I was letting the world shape my life. I knew deep in my heart that something needed to change, but I was scared to let the people I cared for down.

 What followed was a frenzy, I spent a good majority of my days in tears. I dove deep into self development, taking in any material I could find that might help me understand what I was going through.


After a short read on the stars, I was hooked! I loved the idea that there was something else out there that could guide us into creating our best life... a soul map, if you will! Based on where I was at in my life, I was especially curious about the idea of the Saturn Return. Around the time you turn 29, Saturn returns to the place in the sky it was located when you were born. This event typically ignites the soul to recognize what no longer fits and challenges you to rise above your feelings of confusion and constriction and take a look at your life and all of its potential. It's setting the stage for you to claim the life you were meant to live.

But what was I supposed to do with that information? I felt so stuck but stagnancy felt safer.

When I remained too afraid to make the changes I felt my heart calling to make, the universe decided to help me out. That call came as a soccer ball straight into the back of my head with a nasty concussion and a bad case of post concussion syndrome. My eyesight was temporarily jeopardized and forced me to take nearly a month off of work as I recuperated. I was so limited in what I could do, but at the same time, I had never been happier. All I could think was if I always believed I was here for more, why was I letting myself settle on a life that didn’t feel like my own? At that moment, I made a commitment to myself. I was going to answer the call.

I have spent the last few years diving deep into astrology and learning about all of my chart’s nooks and crannies… what I need to do to feel like I am growing as a person, how to calm my mind and best take care of my body and most importantly, how to feel fulfilled.

 I know what it feels like to look around, to watch as the people around you embark on new and exciting journeys and to feel isolated by the fact that your life feels nowhere near that point. I know what it feels like to want answers and guidance and not know where to find it.

 Being willing to admit that you want more from life is the first step in finding just the thing to get you back on track.


  • I am a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon and Cancer rising…. My purpose is to help other people transform their lives
  • I’m vegan..I am also allergic to a lot of stuff....sorry trees & cheese, it's not you it's me
  • I love Indian food, I could probably eat it everyday
  • Avocados are a condiment to me, I seriously put it on everything!
  • I’m obsessed with my dog, Luna. For real, follow my instagram and see...unless of course you’re not a dog lover. Still come follow, but accept my apology in advance...


Brittany Cochran is an internationally certified life coach, astrologer, writer and speaker. With guidance from the stars, she uses astrology to help people get connected to what life's really call them to do and be.

Through her birth chart interpretations and coaching offerings, Brittany works with people who are feeling lost in their life by reawakening them to who they are and what they need in their life to feel fulfilled.. and then helps them create just that!

Brittany is a certified life coach through the internationally certified Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. She also holds a Master's degree in Higher Education Administration and a Bachelor's degree in Family and Child Development from The University of Akron.