Guess where you can find me?

Hello my beautiful friends!

It feels so long since I have touched base with you all in this space, but I am over the moon excited (no pun intended) to announce the official launch of my podcast! I have spent the last few months fine tuning how I can best serve all of you and get my message out there... and this feels oh so right! Audio has always been my most favorite avenue (hey there, audiobooks!) and I have finally found the perfect tool to help me bring that dream to life. 

World meet anchor.fm



Anchor is this awesome tool that eliminates all the barriers of learning how to make a podcast. You can follow my station on anchor or you can find all of my episodes on all major podcast providers... just search my name!

What can you expect to hear about? Astrology and how learning about it can help you live your best life! There is so much fun information to uncover and I can't wait to share it with you.

My very first episode is up and ready... So what are you waiting for silly, find me at https://anchor.fm/brittany-cochran.



What's a Life Coach?

When I first embarked on my journey to become a life coach, and even still now when I tell people what I do, I am often met with resistance and confusion. What is a life coach?

The role of a life coach can often be mistaken for that of a counselor. While both seek to improve the quality of life for a person, they do it in entirely different ways.

A counselor helps you get through something, while a life coach helps you get to something.

Words Have Power

Each new year brings an exciting new beginning, the air is filled with hopeful outcomes and all the potential that the next twelve months can hold. I love seeing everyone so motivated to change for the better, eager to make improvement in their lives and generally just being happy! New Year’s eve and day are proof that all anyone needs to be happy is possibility.

Here's to Magic, My Friends!

Another new year is upon us and I feel nothing but the magic and possibility that it holds. A new year offers us a time to look back on what we have done, how we have lived and how we can move forward. For the last year, I have spent much of my time daydreaming of what could come of these dreams that I hold while simultaneously battling the whispers of why I am not capable of reaching this dream and pondering if they are far too big for someone like me.

This year, I release my thoughts of inadequacy and will concentrate on all that can become of this beautiful thing we call life. Things can always go wrong, my friend, but then again, they can also go right.