Here's to Magic, My Friends!

Another new year is upon us and I feel nothing but the magic and possibility that it holds. A new year offers us a time to look back on what we have done, how we have lived and how we can move forward. For the last year, I have spent much of my time daydreaming of what could come of these dreams that I hold while simultaneously battling the whispers of why I am not capable of reaching this dream and pondering if they are far too big for someone like me.

This year, I release my thoughts of inadequacy and will concentrate on all that can become of this beautiful thing we call life. Things can always go wrong, my friend, but then again, they can also go right. 


Much of my mid-twenties has been spent consumed between thoughts of being stuck and utter boredom. If I had a penny for every time I tried to stop the thought of "is this all there is?" I am pretty sure most of my student loans would be gone. But those thoughts and those feelings have lead me to here in this moment where I can tell you, who might be feeling the same way, that there is more. 

This year I intend on waking up with purpose, relishing in the possibility that each day holds and leaving behind limiting beliefs, negative thinking, distracted living and staying comfortable. You and me, my friend, we have big things to do here and I am happy to hold on to that for you until you believe in it yourself. 

2017 is the year my dream comes alive and so does yours. 

Here's to living a year filled with magic and possibility.

Welcome to brittanycochran.com!

Hugs and high fives,