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When we first connected I was struggling with my true purpose in life and what I should focus on professionally moving forward. I know myself and my weaknesses, I am an eternal procrastinator and needed the motivation to move forward with setting and accomplishing my goals. After our first session, I realized that accomplishing my dreams may actually be possible. Even my friends and family noticed a change and communicated their excitement and support for what I was aiming to accomplish. 

The biggest change I have seen in myself since our coaching experience is that I have no fear of failing. My determination is greater than before and the best thing I can do is push myself to accomplish all my goals in all areas of my life. I loved my coaching experience!


"I just have to tell you how much I appreciate you. It is SO hard for me to find someone who challenges me, calls me on my stuff and holds me accountable. You do that, so THANK YOU!"


Brittany is my life coach I return to regularly. I've worked with a few in my past who I love, but Brittany's energy is very unique. I'm in my Saturn Return. So, my life at the moment is full of constant change. I connected with her when my life was in shambles when I broke off an engagement. She helped make the transition easier and is very supportive to the person I am, she also helped me transmute a lot of fears with her positive + refreshing perspective. Although, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. She was open armed, understanding and free of judgments. 

She helps me on the regular to formulate plans with my current goals. She's also really effective at getting to the root of my blockages. She notices when I'm procrastinating and finds unique ways to steer me towards progress. During our coaching series, she assisted with helping me zone into my business when I thought I went deep, she gently pushed me to go deeper and find the roots of my dreams. 

She's very detail-oriented, while I tend to go off into my own dream land and have a million ideas bouncing in my head. She assisted in giving me tools to organize my ideas, I started forming natural habits to work on a few at a time and move forward to my next goals rather than stick to "the stuck in limbo" overwhelm I'm used to feeling. Brittany also helped me assert my ideas into actions. I started with a soap making lab which I later turned into an energy healing room, now that's a thriving part-time business. She encouraged me to explore my ideas rather than just sit on them, which in turn helped me find my true callings.

Brittany will continue to be a staple Coach in my life and business because of her proven track record.


Brittany's bright light encapsulates everyone she encounters and leaves them feeling seen, heard and empowered. As a coach, she has an incredible gift of being able to beautifully intertwine astrology to help her clients awaken to the possibilities that are written in the stars so they can live their best life.  Brittany's kindness is infectious and the moment you enter her presence, you feel her authentic warmth and deep passion to elevate others.  It was such an honor to collaborate with Brittany and witness her in action as she shared her shine through astrology.  Brittany created a space that allowed each woman to be fully seen in her own light while also uniting the group together through our shared desire to lead a brave and soulful life. I am truly inspired by Brittany's immense passion and knowledge that creates a platform unlike any other to understand the true meaning behind our cosmic presence and how it can guide us to show up fully and powerfully in our lives. 

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