Do you ever wish that your life came with a guidebook? Maybe not one that told you everything, but one that could just give you a little more clarity about who you are and what this life is really about for you?

 What if I told you there was?


I know what you are thinking but astrology really is so much more than those horoscopes you read in your favorite magazine. There is much to be learned about who we are and what we are here to do in this life, just by understanding where the planets were in the sky the very moment we were born.

 Most people can tell you what their sun sign is, but did you know that every other planet in the sky also speaks to a part of who you are, how to take care of yourself, what you are here to do and what you are here to learn in this lifetime?  

Knowing this information transforms that original idea we may have had of the horoscope into a compass guiding you towards living your best and most fulfilling life.  It can provide clarity as you start to uncover the real pieces of yourself and give you further proof that you are who you are for a reason.

That inner guidance you hear encouraging you to take a chance, the little quirks you love about yourself, and even the ones you may not be so fond of, can usually be found somewhere in the sky.

 So what is this soul map, you ask? A birth chart.


Evolutionary astrology is the astrology of free choice. It isn’t used to predict the happenings of your life but used to help you understand the evolution of your soul and what you came into this life to experience so you can grow into the best version of yourself. It is based off of the idea that we live many lives, with each life giving us an opportunity to evolve.

The thought of reincarnation not your thing? No problem! Regardless of our beliefs, we can all appreciate the fact that we come into this life with strengths and weaknesses… passions and struggles..and aspirations to try to make the most of our time in this life. Just look at this as one more thing that will help you understand yourself and get you to where you want to be!

  • You feel like life has backed you in a corner and your looking for your way out

  • You're looking for clarity around who you are and what you are here to do

  • Your life feels out of balance and you can’t find middle ground between feeling like you are making progress in your life while also feeling nourished and happy

  • You feel a little lost but you don't know why

  • You want to expand beyond the current version of yourself

  • You want to feel whole and aligned



" I was blown away at the accuracy of my birth chart. In that first session alone I felt so much clearer about my purpose and why I was experiencing my unique life lessons. I felt comforted hearing how my health, my career and my relationships were all part of the bigger picture of what I'm here to learn"  
- Kate Farrell, Life Coach


I like to look at it this way, a counselor helps you get THROUGH something. A life coach helps you get TO something.

  • Construct a healthy self image and to accept yourself for who you really are! You are you for a reason, my friend!
  • Get clear on how you perceive your life and the world around you
  • Define a sense of meaning and purpose in your life and provide guidance as you create it! 
  • Find the courage and motivation you have within yourself to live your absolute best life!

"I LOVED THE BIRTH CHART! I thought it was really helpful in understanding why I am the way I am. I would like to learn more about it actually. I have suggested it to multiple people because I think its useful and gives you ways to conquer the little things."
- Sarah Wilson, College Student

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Coaching Series

Four Session Series

We uncover a lot of information during a birth chart reading... so much that I am often asked after our session, "Where do I begin?". If you know you are ready to make changes and start living the life you came here to live, this package is perfect for you! 

  • An astrological birth chart reading
  • 4 x 1 hour bi-weekly video coaching sessions focused on bringing your chart to life
  • Unlimited email support during our series and additional support for two weeks following our time together
  • Worksheets and other tools to help you uncover your best you!

$180 USD Per Month OR $360 USD in full

Let's start with a complimentary consult: 

I offer a free 30 minute call where we can chat about what's holding you back, where you're feeling stuck and how we can make you feel a sense of possibility again! There is no commitment after this call, its just a chance for us to see what coaching can do for you and if I'm the gal that can help you get it done!


Astrology & Soul Mapping

Hot Topic Reading

  • 30 minute session on your topic of choice- Love, Career or Life Purpose
  • Copy of Birth Chart
  • Unlimited email support for two weeks following session

$30 USD for recording emailed to you


 $40 for Live Skype Session

Birth Chart Interpretation

  • Questionnaire to prompt
  • 60-90 minute birth chart reading and recording
  • Unlimited email support for two weeks following the session

$79 USD



    Synastry Chart

    The art of chart comparison! If you are curious to know how you and someone else relate- this is for you! Perfect for couples, friends and business partners looking to make the most of their relationship!

    • Questionnaire to prompt
    • 60 minute chart reading discussing key relationship patterns
    • Unlimited email support for two weeks following the session

    $85 USD


    Transit Chart (Returning Clients Only)

    Curious about what the stars have in store for you in the not so distant future? This is for you!

    • 30 minute skype session covering upcoming planet transits (a.k.a. where the planets will be in relation to their location in your birth chart)
    • Unlimited email support for two weeks following the session

    $50 USD